The History of the Ryuseiha

In 1886 the Ryuseiha School was founded in Tokyo, which was the scene of a rapidly evolving new culture. Its founder and first Head Master was Yoshimura Kaun, then aged 27. His successor, Yoshimura Kakyu, added the soka and heika styles to the original rikka and seika and consolidated the foundations of the modern school. In the third generation, Head master  YOSHIMURA Kasen, proposed the "aspects of plants" methodology at a time when free experimentation and avant-garde trends were flourishing during the postwar revival. The School's activities today are grounded in this approach, which seeks to rediscover the essential vitality of plants and express it in arrangements. In 2011, Ryuseiha marked its 125th anniversary.
And since 2015, after demise of YOSHIMURA Kasen YOSHIMURA, Kashu succeed headmater of Ryuseiha school as 4th generation.

YOSHIMURA Kasen/3rd Head Master

/4th Head Master(present)


The Origin of the Name “Ryusei” and the School’s Dragon Crest

As the first Head Master was born in Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture, the character ryu (dragon) comes from the name Ryugajo (“Dragon Castle”), an alternative name for Okazaki Castle, the birthplace of shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Dragon's Crest
Dragon's Crest

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