Head Master Yoshimura Kasen's many books present selections of his works in both the classical and the free style. Two titles are introduced here.

Shokubutsu no Kao: Shinseiki (The Aspects of Plants: The New Century--Creative Ikebana from Many Perspectives), by Yoshimura Kasen (in Japanese). Published by Shufunotomo. This selection of arrangements illustrates Ryuseiha's basic approach, “the aspects of plants,” in a clear and visually appealing format. The book is organized according to the types of material, ranging from the familiar tulip and rabbit’s-ear iris to more unusual items like roots and vegetables. It closes with an interview with the Head Master on “The Aspects of Plants.” A guide that will be enjoyed even by those who are new to ikebana.


Ryuseiha no Kotenka: Seika, Rikka no Ikekata no Subete (The Ryuseiha Classical Style: All About Seika and Rikka), by Yoshimura Kasen (in Japanese). Published by Kodansha. A complete introduction to the Ryuseiha classical style, which has been handed down over the 115 years of the School’s history. Detailed explanations, with photographs, cover such topics as the vases and utensils used in seika and rikka, brief histories of the styles, the differences between various techniques, and step-by- step instructions. While treating the subject in depth, this guide can be easily followed by those who are interested in arranging flowers for the tokonoma but are not sure how to go about it.


"Ikebana Ryusei "is the monthly magazine for those who are learning Ryuseiha ikebana. Its varied contents include pieces for beginners using plants currently in season, ideas for ikebana in everyday life, informative coverage of art exhibitions, and reports on installations that meet the challenges of contemporary architectural space. (Annual subscriptions and back issues are available.)




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