Teaching Programs

Classes based on a unified curriculum are taught by the Head Master at Ryusei Kaikan in Ichigaya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, and by fully accredited masters throughout Japan. All are well attended by lovers of ikebana.


Lectures and Study Groups

We offer a wide range of programs, including lectures given at Ryusei Kaikan and nationwide by instructors from the School's headquarters, and study groups organized at Ryusei Kaikan and at the branches.


Volunteer Activities

Members around the country volunteer to create arrangements and give demonstrations in homes for the elderly and welfare facilities, bringing a refreshing touch to the residents’ surroundings and helping to enrich their lives. The Ryuseiha School is committed to these social service activities.


Ryuseiha branches throughout the country regularly give exhibitions, the most important of which is held annually at Ryusei Ikebana CTR. in Tokyo. These displays of innovative works are in the vanguard of the ikebana world, attracting attention from all quarters. Other events include outdoor exhibitions in which ikebana merges with nature, and individual and group exhibitions by Ryuseiha artists.

Annual Ikebana Ryusei Exhibition at Ryusei ikebana CTR.

Outdoor Ikebana exhibition at Alps Park in Matsumoto/Nagano.

Demonstrations and Collaborations

We introduce a broad audience to the appeal of ikebana by giving demonstrations, both in Japan and overseas. These range from large-scale events in major venues such as NHK Hall and Hibiya Kokaido to smaller gatherings of several hundred people. By collaborating with musicians, architects, dancers, and other artists, Ryuseiha’s arrangers also discover affinities with those who work in other fields of artistic expression.

Demonstration at Hibiya Kokaido



We publish the monthly magazine Ryusei for those who are learning Ryuseiha ikebana. For full members of the Ryusei Kadokai we also publish the monthly magazine Toen, which provides instructors with technical information and advice on conducting classes.

Monthly magazine"RYUSEI"

We publish textbooks based on the unified Ryuseiha curriculum, together with companion guides for instructors.。

Head Master Yoshimura Kasen has written many books presenting selected works in both the classical style, which dates back to the School’s founding, and the free style based on the unique Ryusei- ha method.

Left:"Shokubutsu no kao Shinseiki"
Right:"Ryuseiha no Kotenka"

Original Vases

Ryuseiha has developed and produced an array of original vases for use in lessons and many other settings. We also design and produce vases on request.


From Visual Presentations to Corsages

We produce arrangements of all kinds, from visual presentations for lobbies and window displays, to smaller decorations for store interiors, tabletop pieces, bouquets, and corsages. We also design and produce displays of all kinds on request.


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